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Project Description


Skytap is a cloud provider which provides easy migration of traditional workloads to the cloud, 
enabling modern development practices, and integrating new cloud architectures and processes.

Power Pro a higher performing VM type that will be offered by Skytap to Enterprise 
customers, needing support for larger production loads.


Enterprise production load customers are in need of more storage and higher performing VMs. The VM types provided on Skytap today, cannot support the storage and performance needed for production loads. By providing a new VM type, this extra storage and performance would better supports Enterprise larger workloads.


I worked as the project manager, user researcher, business analyst, and user experience designer. I was the lead designer of providing the Power Pro experience across the entire Skytap application.

I worked closely with product, development and customers.

The team consisted of 1 product, 2 front end developers, 2 back end developers, 2 marketing specialists, user experience and design, project management (myself), and testing.

The role of the Administrator is to set up new users, set up their quotas on a user by user basis and also at a department level, migrate legacy environments, create templates of those environments, and adjust the VM settings. After this is completed, user managers and standard users can utilize the Skytap application easily and manage and monitor environments and the associated  quotas.

Use cases:

A TMC/TOC personnel will need to view traffic in real-time to make informed decisions on how to best manage traffic flows and enhance safety.  For instances when there is something unexpected, they will rely on traffic layers that are unique to the v2 product (bottlenecks and DSD) to help them determine how to be manage.  The user could identify the resulting real-time condition and then immediately run a historical analysis on the affected location to determine how to best manage.


  • Dangerous slowdowns
  • Incidents
  • Bottlenecks

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Date September 12, 2019 Author turtle1ab