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Having the information and analytical/visualization tools needed to effectively manage and plan their transportation networks, efficiently respond to traffic events and traveler needs, and communicate information within a public agency, to public and to decision makers.



As a transportation planner, I monitor different operators which could operate in the PS agencies region. I monitor historically the number of vehicles in the region, the miles driven, total operating hours, disengagements and incidents. They can also link to get a full report for that operator. The user can select one of the operators and see the polygons and corridors that Operator within that PS employee’s region. They also can view violations of operators in real-time and much more.

As a Traffic Management Center Operator, I am alerted to a Violation in real time. I am a member of the traffic management center team that manages traffic, congestion and incidents in real-time on the roadway networks so that I can ensure timely response to traffic incidents to ensure our roadway are running smoothly. I use real-time data, camera and other technology resources to help me do my job. My job requires working directly, and in partnership with, stakeholders, local jurisdictions, and other first responder agencies. I also inform drivers of roadway conditions.

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Date May 2, 2017 Categories Author turtle1ab