Graphic, web, and UX designer with 20 years of experience helping clients and companies discover their audiences and improve user experience. Unique ability to span the entire spectrum of working as an individual UX designer all the way to managing teams of designers and leading high-profile projects. Known for my collaboration and communication skills across departments and with upper management teams… and for achieving results that exceed client expectations.


UI/UX Design & Management

Working as a graphic, web and lastly a UX designer, I’ve experienced a wide range of areas from transactional websites to application software and business intelligence design. I am a big believer of effective, efficient research to discover what your audience wants. Then I create designs that allow you to deliver successful results. (ex: increase sales, repeat customers etc.…) I have transformed organizations, as a UX evangelist, to embrace the UCD methodologies. I have also supported cross group collaboration on defining complex interactions, rapid prototyping to drive consensus, and support early user research to assure that the right user experience is created. Lastly, I work effectively with business stakeholders as well as support development that are bound by technical constraints.

Edmonds Arts Commissioner

Main Duties:

–Provide information and assistance to artists and arts organizations

–Present and encourage programs for the cultural enrichment of Edmonds citizens

–Strengthen existing arts organizations and develop cooperation with schools, regional and national art organizations

–Explore ways and methods of promoting and funding arts in the community
Oversee staff facilitated process to review and recommend artwork acquired for the Public Art

–Participate in program committee meetings as needed, one a month on average, and attend City Council meetings when EAC is on the agenda

–Assume responsibility in at least one program area: literary, visual, and performing arts programming; arts assistance; youth arts; cultural planning; community involvement and funding

–Act as ambassador to local arts groups

–Keep current on local, regional, and national issues affecting the arts.


UI/UX Design

Responsive Design

Information Architecture

Graphic Design


  • Buddingstem website design and hangtags
    Buddingstem website design and hangtags
    by turtle1ab

    Buddingstem website design and hangtags
  • INRIX Public Sector and Enterprise Personas
    INRIX Public Sector and Enterprise Personas
    by turtle1ab

    INRIX Public Sector and Enterprise Personas
  • Nordstrom.com Beauty Category Design
    Nordstrom.com Beauty Category Design
    by turtle1ab

    Nordstrom.com Beauty Category Design


As an UX designer, I find out what the users want to accomplish with the product and define the feature set that supports that. This involves information gathering, defining the user experience goals, defining the feature set and main user tasks that need to be accomplished in the user interface, reviewing user experience goals, main user tasks and feature list with UX team, product management and product owners. Integrate feedback and repeat the tasks above until buy off is received.


  • AIGA trapeze Award winner
    AIGA is the professional association for design, a nonprofit organization dedicated to demonstrating the value of design. Since its founding in 1914, AIGA has been raising awareness and standards “toward perfection of the graphic arts.” Today the organization, its members and its chapters honor design practitioners and their work in a number of ways. This honor awarded me a scholarship with a design agency for 2 months.